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Thanks for the support is part of the reason that for 2 days I have been successful. Your comments are all valid. Quick Update on Dancing in the Less Carb Drenched Rain here: Met two fabulous buddies at this site, started the South Beach yesterday, ATE NO RICE with dinner/NO CARBS ALL DAY except for a mistake w/yogurt, even though my other half had rice with supper. And stuck to it right up until this writing. Bravo and Kudos to all of you for helping me. I do not crave anything. Quit ice-cream sandwiches, hard carbs, and eat reasonable portions. Stopped obssessing, too. Reality check says I am not going to lose as quickly as I did 10 years ago, it is s l o w , but it is worth the life-long healthy changes I am willing to make. I still need your support, ladies. This is a wonderful site, told my fiance and girlfriends about it. Wishing you all perseverance and ultimately, SUCCESS!
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