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Default Other Obstacles

Thanks so much Kandice for the inspirational reponse re dread-carbs. So, I went right out and bought a NO-Carb lunch, something I have done in the past with ease. I too would love to be in ONE-derland, and it is ridiculous for a person with my bone structure to by anywhere above 150 lbs. But, I will get there. I found the ANA (Atkins) very motivational and I beleive I can live with it for life. There is another fiance. He is slim, athletic, healthy and very supportive. Except when it comes to carbs. The man gives me a rather sad, carb-deprived look if I try to get the main meal in with out carbs. Plus, he brings me goodies like ice cream, and fixes my favorite toast and butter whenever I get up from a nap. He means so well, but being from the Caribbean, we kind of expect a large serving of rice, rice, more rice, or cornmeal, potatoes, etc, So, while I want to take the plunge like you did, what must I do about the man I love who loves carbs?

Thanks for your responses and for your welcome! Have a super day.
PS...Like you, I am getting married soon (in April) and want to be at least 140.
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