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Good evening! I completely missed the morning!

Well, I did it this time. I went to the gym this morning and lightly sprained my ankle and knee (I imagine trying to walk too fast!) Anyway, that is it for me with the treadmill until we get back. I can walk on it ok, but they are both really sore so I am just going to take it easy. If it feels ok, just walk in the neighborhood or do some glider work here at home. I am not going to mess myself up right before vacation when I need to not only be able to walk all over, but wear those fancy high heels for the wedding!

Maggie: I wish I could impart some great wisdom about exercising and why it comes so easy to me, but alas, I'z ain't gotta clue! Maybe because I am obsessive/compulsive that I just feel I HAVE to, who knows? I only wish I could be as dedicated to the food program. Jack and I talked tonight about it and have made a commitment with each other that as soon as we get back from vacation, we are going back to what I was doing last January, which is weighing and measuring, portions, eating at home except once a month as a treat, staying away from all that sugar etc too and getting him to go to the gym everyday, which is like pulling teeth.

Jean: Hope school was ok today. I am surprised you aren't bald from pulling your hair out with those kids. I heard on the news this morning that Memphis has the honor of being #2 in the country in crime statistics. BIG SURPRISE!

Magnolia: Good for you, hang tough and you will get there!

Gloria: I guess women should admit they don't totally understand a man either though I think they are a lot more transparent then women, feed 'em and stick 'em in front of the tube and all is right with the world!!!! The one thing about Jack is he literally cannot stand having us mad at each other, so it doesn't take long for us to work whatever grumpiness is between us. I think when you have been married as long as we have, your tifs seem to be totally about unimportant stuff, not kids, money, job etc, but things like why are you ignoring me, why can't you put your socks in the hamper, why do you throw crumbs on the floor, etc!

Well, I have waxed eloquent enough I guess!

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