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Hi Vivian! Way to go, and congrats! And woohoo, Susie!

Today's weigh-in in these parts, and after a brief flash of 273.9 earlier in the week, today I'm at 274.9.

Yay for the progress, but I was really hoping that 273 would swing around again. This has inspired me to write a poem.

I am a terrible poet, so I would advise any of you with pre-existing heart conditions, weak stomachs, small children in the home, or delicate artistic sensibilities to avert your eyes.

I think that I shall never see
A thing so lovely as a "3"

Nor "2" nor "1" nor even 'naught.
Nor weight a-droppin' like a shot.

Just a few sweet numbers down do play
260's through the live-long day.

But I linger here--Point-9 *again*?
Get it together, Scale, or you're in the bin.

Alas, alack, and woe is me
Now all 'tis glum for lack o' "3".

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