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Red face Hello!

Hello Support Buddies! Well, after 2 days of waiting to hear back from the doctor, I finally found out today that my doctor said my bloodwork "looks perfect." I asked about my thyroid levels, since my psychiatrist had called to say they came back low. The nurse said, "Well, your T3 and T4 levels WERE low, but your TSH level was normal," so basically he doesn't want to do anything but follow up with me in a few months. I'm kind of bummed because I thought maybe some of my extreme weight loss resistance might be due to a low thyroid, which could be treated. So I guess I am just stuck with this weight until I can somehow manage to lose it. I had a crappy day today for several reasons and chose to eat my comfort food ~ McDonald's fries............ along with a quarter pounder without cheese. I know that it is counterproductive to losing weight, but something just had to give today. I was under so much stress that I was thinking, "How the h*ll am I supposed to ALSO eat right and exercise in this situation?!? The h*ll with eating right. I WANT McDonald's fries!!!" And I gave in..... So today was NOT a good eating day. I also have not exercised to this point..... and it is getting late in the day. I will aim to make tomorrow a MUCH better day overall. I am overwhelmed with a lot of things right now, so I really need to make a list of all that is on my mind and sort things out. I also haven't journaled in ages. That would help, I am sure.

ohiofreespirit: Hope you are keeping up with your homework. Uggggh, the thought of it freaks me out! I would NOT be a good student at this point in my life! I, too, admire you for what you are doing. Keep on trying on those tests. YOU CAN DO IT!!! I am also waiting on the warm spring weather here in Ohio!!! It snowed here today!

Holly: Good for you for setting that hand-sy customer straight!!! Did you ever find out what your JOAB (Jerk-of-a-Boss ) said to him???

Fi: Sorry you had a crappy day the other day. Muesli seems to be the magic potion for you! Glad that you are going to add it back into your diet on a regular basis. Hope you have had the chance to take a walk outdoors, do your leg exercises, and work on some of your art projects!

Semperfiddle: Congratulations on losing 2 pounds!!! Good for you for doing a lot of walking over the weekend. That is cool that you and Fiona have non-fiction writing in common! Hope you enjoy your writer's workshop. Glad that you have continued to post!
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