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S/C/G: 80.2kg/66kg/60kg x2.2 for lb

Height: 165cm/5' 4.5"


Hi there. First up you can google your "healthy weight range". Its based on your height and gender basically. I'm 5'4" my healthy weight range is 68kg - 55kg (x 2.2 to convert to pounds or use a conversion calculator). I generally find when i'm still near the upper end of my healthy weight range, i still feel fat. And certainly because my skin is not taut, the fat doesn't look too good. But when i get down to the bottom of my HWR, i feel gorgeous. My skin is still loose but there is not much fat showing at all but its impossible to look smooth and perfect as we did when younger, not just because of age but also because of the way we've stretched our skin. Both of these factors have a lot to do with it. Its more subtle in young people. When i run is when i am most aware of the loose skin because i can see the skin on my thighs shaking in a fairly ugly way. I think i will run in tights from now on as much as possible.

Actually at the bottom end of my healthy weight range, i probably look a bit too skinny in certain parts of my body. Because of age and sun damage as well, my face doesn't look its best. I tend to get a bit skinny up the top half of my body. I don't mind having no tits but i like having a small bottom and slimmer thighs.

To measure your body fat percentage there are online calculators. I remember doing that last time but i don't think its worth worrying about it too much. But if you are just curious, you can figure it out. There are several different ways its measure and probably you'd want to find one that's tailored to your body type as giving the most accurate reading so try a few of them and then you will have a range of what it could be.

I think a fairly good spot to aim for is the middle end of the lower HWR. When i am at 60kg i feel pretty good. I can wear anything. I say that because last time i aimed for the lower end and got there.

If you get too skinny, it becomes hard to maintain the weight and the risk of rebounding increases. Its also worth mentioning that some people are never going to be satisfied with their bodies at any weight. So its worth working on acceptance. Have a look at photos of when you were larger and pat appreciate the difference. Notice other people around your weight who look good.

If you are going to go lower, do it fairly slowly and in stages. Stop every now and then to stabilise your weight. It should reduce your chances of a rebound. What i mean by rebound is when the body starts to fight against your weight loss. Its a hormonal thing. I think the only way to beat it is to exercise a lot. But that's hard to sustain for a lot of people, including myself. Its your hormones that start to make you very hungry. And once you experience that it seems to be very hard to stop it from taking over your weight and pushing you back to your starting weight. So i think that staging and stabilising for a while (don't really know how long) is a good idea.

In an article i was reading recently they suggested having a high calorie meal once a week to help confuse the hormone producers involved. The hormone is leptin. I tried to do that last night. But i found while it was probably higher than usual, it wasn't through the roof calories either. I'd be careful to avoid eating any binge triggering foods just incase, if you have that tendency. Keep the meal well balanced nutritionally.

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