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Originally Posted by KarinRose View Post
Question for all: When you exercise do you generally eat more points (dip into your weeklies) or do you try to stay within your daily points still.
I eat about 2/3 of my weekly points whether I exercise or not. I usually eat about 35 of my weekly points, but sometimes eat all of them. I rarely eat my activity points, however.

Bear in mind that daily points represent the minimum you should eat each day. The maximum you should eat during the course of the week are your daily points each day plus your weekly points and your activity points over the course of the week.

Anything in between there is fine. For those at the minimum level of daily points, I think it would be difficult to eat only 26 daily points per day during the entirety of weight loss. I think it can be done, but I'm not sure at all that it is a good thing to do.

I don't often eat exactly 26 points which is what I would have to do to eat the minimum but not eat any weekly or activity points. However, I looked back on my records. I track calories and WW points. This is how my calories were when I ate at or near 26 points (the calories include zero point food):

26 points - 973 calories
26 points - 988 calories

Here are a few at 27 points, since I rarely eat exactly 26:

27 points - 1084 calories
27 points - 1092 calories
27 points - 1025 calories

For this month, my average calories per point plus eaten (this includes zero point foods) is 37.9. So 26 daily points would equal eating roughly 985 calories a day. I don't think that eating 985 calories a day for a long period of time is a good thing and will make it hard to get good nutrition.

Also, I think that to try to eat exactly my daily points of 26 and to try to not ever eat 25 (too few) or 27 (using weekly points) would for me foster a diet mentality and wouldn't be conducive to eating in a way that I can eat for a lifetime.
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