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Second class of dog obedience last night. It started off horribly as ALL the dogs were reactive and barking and not listening. Finally most calmed down. Bogey did very will--got 2nd place in sit-stay, learned down VERY quickly and we were taught how to do loose leash walking. Next week will be the down-stay test as well as demonstrating how well we mastered loose leash walking.

I have yet to dremel Bogey's nails, although I did it for Chico for years. Misty hates to have her feet held so we do a quick snip with clippers for her when we are able.

Becky~my parents, after experiencing roof leaks for two years, installed heat tape on the roof so when it snows they turn it on and the snow melts faster. Apparently the buildup of snow often allows more moisture under roof tiles and that causes a leak which, if there had been no buildup, there would be no leak.

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