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Default Planet Fitness

Originally Posted by sarahBell View Post
First my NSV: Yesterday I threw a perfectly good home made chocolate cupcake into a sink of hot soapy dish water....... I had mindlessly taken nibbles off of it so I tossed it.

Heartache: the news of me joining PF did not go over very well. Some every very hurtful and mean things were said to me making me want to cancel the membership before I can even start I am so heartbroken and crying right now.
SarahBell - I am so sorry to hear that you had such a bad time at Planet Fitness. If you can gather yourself together, would it b worth addressing the issue of the mean conversation with the manager or even a regional manager?

Beyond the personal angst you went through, I can understand how emotionally devastating this must be to NOT have a place where you can get the exercise in a safe place. It is hard for many of us who are uncomfortable with our size to walk into a gym, much less to go regularly. It would be shattering to be brave and courageous and go to sign up and get such a bad "welcome".

I guess their ads about being a gym for the non-jock are not entirely true. Send you plenty of hugs and strength.

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