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Originally Posted by Leaves View Post
I've had a meniscus tear repair and ACL reconstruction on my left knee, and now have another meniscus tear! For me, I had the first meniscus tear repaired before the ACL so I'm not quite sure of the recovery from just the first op, but I've always been able to do anything I wanted since having the ops done.

As I have another tear, I do get some occasional pain (particularly when sitting for long periods) and some swelling, but I was told by the surgeon that unless there are real issues with your knee locking then it is not worth having the surgery to repair it as it usually makes very little difference. I'm still able to run and do any sports that I like- as I said, there is a little swelling occasionally but it's nothing that stops me from carrying on as normal. Hope that helps!
Leaves, thanks for your input. That really is great news regarding your activity level! Unfortunately, I do experience some knee locking. Not often, but I feel it and I definitely know what's happening. I'm looking forward to my appointment to get some definite answers.

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