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Thanks for sharing the video. I don't really venture into fashion magazines so a lot of the advertisements were images I had never seen before. And some of them were really disturbing. I haven't had television service in almost 5 years, so I don't see very many commercial ads. Yesterday though, I was watching a television show online and saw an ad for hot pockets where the female was playing a very submissive as she was feeding the male as he was riding a bike. I found it very odd and a little bit disturbing. Not only did I find a problem with it's portrayal of gender norms, but there were some really over the top cultural stereotypes/ characterizations as well. The thing is, I know that that commercial was mild in compared to some of the other things that are out there! I tried looking for the commercial to link it up, but was unable to find the exact one I was thinking of.
I have always be interested in the portrayal of women in media. There is a blog and series of videos that I have been following for a long time that addresses the portrayals of women in pop culture. I really enjoy her videos on different topics. More recently she's been focusing on the portrayal of women in video games and she has gotten quite a bit of negative pushback from gaming websites, which really just speaks for itself.
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