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I've read this before, can't think of where though. It's interesting when I think back to my relationship with my mom and how she perceived her own weight. I can't think that she ever said anything to me about her own self perceptions, she had plenty to say about my weight but nothing about her own. She was never really overweight, she smoked and I think that helped control the weight for her. Looking at pictures I expect she was probably about 20 lbs overweight but it never really was an issue for her. I don't think that I have ever said anything in front of my own kids about my weight. I'd never say anything about feeling fat and ugly (if I did feel that way, which to be honest I have, who hasn't?) because I CAN remember all the things my mom said to me about my weight and my experience is that any negativity is going to be remember long, long after anything positive (unfortunate but true).

What I find so incredibly ironic is that the north American population is probably 40-50% overweight, if not more, but we idolize celebrities that are unhealthily skinny and run each other down about weight. In a facebook page group that I belong to a woman related how a coworker told her that others were calling her a fat a$$ behind her back even though she has in fact lost well over 150 lbs. Why??? Why say that to begin with and why did the coworker feel the need to pass that on? I can't understand it.

I think in the grand scheme of things we need to take a mind your own business when it comes to other people's weight and stop being so judgemental about our own weight. The goal is not to be super skinny or have a hard body, the goal is to be healthy.
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