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Congrats. And it isn't about this post in particular but many I see on 3FC. It kind of makes me sad. But I know from being a guy I find healthy looking women attractive. I also see many posts I want to look good, sometimes even the word hot is used by the poster. But then being attractive is uncomfortable. It just seems so insanely convoulated.

Is male attention really that bad? It also seems the woman can always say no. I got told no plenty of times. So is it that bad to have more male attention? More to choose from if you are dating? I thought choice was a good thing.

Anyhow it seems absurdly tragic someone might not get healthy just because they might be more attractive. I know it isn't a rationalization I am sure it is real to a lot of women. It just seems so awful for that to be a 'worry' instead of a really nice additional benefit of losing weight.
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