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Default Pain control options?

This is kind of hard to write as it is personal but i'd like some weigh in's on the subject.

Dh and i are "seniors", me being 51 and he is 65 and we have our share of aches, pains, ailments, even serious disease states. DH is on oxycodone for severe chronic pain (due to a disease state which i won't go into) and he also suffers from arthritis, etc. and i have fibromyalgia, CFS, and a lot of arthritic pain in my body.

We both eat well, i exercise, and we take lots of supplements including joint supplements which haven't done much. DH seems to be somewhat resistant to oxycodone (don't know the correct terminology) and it BARELY takes the edge off of his chronic pain (which really sucks) but that's what we're stuck with. Recently he accidentally skewered his leg with a fire pit utensil and i put him on aleve. i hate NSAIDS, i know the risks and side effects of those drugs but unfortunately because of age and circumstance, have crossed the line from preaching against it to understanding why people take these drugs when they need relief and it can't be found in alternatives. i'm trying to get by without taking it or doing it sporadically but my husband oddly enough did find some small relief in taking it as he has to work to provide income but of COURSE we're very conflicted taking these drugs.

Any comments by those who are trying to manage chronic pain and are taking NSAIDS are welcome
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