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You look very cute, Dottington, in your hiking gear! This is the kind of activity that you could not have done at the same pace at the beginning of your weight loss journey! You have to take a lot of pride in that.


Funny thing is that I was hiking too on Sunday, but my trip was a one-day intense trip. I hiked this mountain - Mont acropole des draveurs - one of the highest and most beautiful peaks East of the Rockies.

In the fall.

I am glad I did it, but this is a difficult mountain - see the steep ascent at the beginning - and I knew going in that I was nowhere near the optimal shape to do it. It's usually a mountain you save for later, after smaller hikes, but I did not want to pass on the opportunity.

My muscles are swollen and sore too. Walking up stairs takes me forever. I am up .8 lbs, but I cannot imagine that I did not outspent what I ate. This was akin to a six hours workout.

I want to hike this mountain again next year, after reaching my goal weight and working out regularly.

PS - Thanks for the warm welcome.
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