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Originally Posted by Tifftastic05 View Post
Thanks for the welcome Irish and congrats on the x-small and the compliment from the stranger!

Thanks TaeBean! It's exciting to have someone starting at the same time. Did you get your order today?

Congrats on the 10 sizes Zoesmom, that's amazing! Fitting into smaller clothes that haven't fit in forever is always the best nsv for me. And, that shake idea sounds yummy. I'm going to definitely try it tomorrow.

I love reading everyone's daily plans, because it helped me get some ideas. I had a hard time deciding which things sounded best for today. Between school and work, I know if I don't plan the day ahead, I'm doomed to fail. I'm thinking of just randomly packing a week's worth in ziplock bags and then I'll just have to grab a random bag.

I also jogged (slow) another 3 miles today. It's only the 2nd day, but I feel like my body is remembering how it used to love running before I hurt my back last year and gained weight.
I em excited to have a fellow jogger also on WS. But it is important you eat differently if you plan to be more active than a leisurely stroll we every day. If not, you will quickly stall, as Irish and I both learned way back when. First, don't START exercise if you haven't been doing it...wait a few weeks then ease into it slowly. If you have been working out, drop you activitey level just a wee bit. Remember, we got this way from eating a surplus of calorie, likely as much as 3000 or more. WS suddenly is throwing you into only 900-1200. Your body is going to wig will have decreased energy, fatigue, headaches, and other you will be putting stress on your organs....mainly your heart. While the program IS safe, it is not intended for people who bust serious butt working out. Have no fear though you CAN do serious busting if you plan wisely.

First, if you plan to do something more than 30 minutes of walking, count your calories. Keep your net caloric range AT LEAST around 900. My fitness plan is a great site for this. Log as accurately as possible your calories burned. And adjust your diet from there. For example, the EAS Carb AdvantEDGE shake is a great post workout food. Have 6 to 8 ounces of meat at dinner instead of 4. Eat a hard boiled egg. Jack's Link jerky makes 100 calorie packs that are great for low carb, low calorie, low fat, but high protein...just watch your sodium. more if you exercise. Trust me.

And seriously excited to have a fellow runner!!!

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