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Originally Posted by mamabear272 View Post
I'm in school for physical therapist assisting and it's not really good to suck your tummy in. It causes you to chest breath. The most effective breathing is diaphragmatic breathing. It strengthens your diaphragm which is your primary breathing muscle. When you breathe, put one hand on your chest and one on your stomach. Your chest should move minimally while your stomach moves a lot. Probably not the answer you were hoping for but, there it is.
I'm not talking holding in your tummy with the suck it in might that's got you unable to breath!! lol. I light tightening of your tummy muscles is fine. If you are sucking it in so crazy tight that you can't breath, its ok to take it down a little. I've been doing this forever basically and I don't chest breath. I do it while working out and running, and I'm definitely still doing diaphragmatic breathing and its not causing any issues what so ever.

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