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Default New and scared

I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section here; however, I thought since it's February and I need support I would give this a try.

I haven't been officially diagnnosed yet as I go for my blood work on Tuesday but its almost definitely PCOS. I'm scared right now. I have so many questions and I've googled all the answers, which I've received awesome answers on, but I still have more questions. I stumbled across this community through my search and there is so much information and support I just had to join. I've never joined a forum community before but I am in desperate need of som reassurance that everything is going to be okay.

I have never had an issue with acne or pimples or facial hair. I have had difficulty with weight gain but I thought this was only because I was lazy and didn't excercise (which probably still is). I have had irregular periods but no more than 45 days. No big deal.

Now, at age 27, sitting at 5'2 170, 45 lbs heavier than I'd like to be and 30 lbs gained in the last year in a half, I have missed three periods, am having acne, and growing facial hair. OMG. I want to cry. I need to fix my hormones. I am going to the gym tomorrow. How do I stop this from getting worse?! This just started last week ... ok, well the acne and facial hair... ugh. This is seriously my weight breaking point.

Today I will keep reading everything I can on here to get tips and support. Tomorrow I will go to the gym and put my low GI diet in place. I'll be fine but I'm still scared as **** and my face hurts!!!

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