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Originally Posted by Bellamack View Post
oh and training with jingle bells attached to a rope on the back door worked famously for my dogs, when I would take them out to go, I would jingle the bell. Then they would hit it with their paw when they had to go. I didn't invent this, but it works well!
Ooooh, I love this! Definitely gonna try it. =D

And yeah, he loves to chew. My roommates bought him toys and he chews on them for a while but then he'll randomly run off and grab my one roommate's furry pink slippers. I chase after him going, "Ah ah eh eh eh ah ah, no!" He seems to respond to the weird noises.

@Roo2 I'm having a hard time enjoying it at the moment just because I haven't gotten him trained yet. He's a sweet little thing but I de-stress by listening to music with my earbuds in. If he is trying to nap and can hear it, he looks up at me like, "Shut. That. Off." And I'm like, "This. Is. My. Bed. No."

I'm so nervous, I know when I go home he'll have pooped or something. It stresses me out more than it probably should but I can't really help it. I took him out two or three times this morning and he played for most of the morning so I'm hoping he wore himself out enough to nap until I get home. He sleeps a lot as it least one of us can. -_-

We've been going out for potty breaks in the snow so he'll be well-adjusted to cold weather by the time he's trained.
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