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Default Odd question for the runners....especially if you've had a csection

So...I used to run, up til about my early 20s. Track in high school, triathalons, half marathons. Here's my issue, I've been trying to get back into something I love, slowly. I've had 3 csections, the 1st went great, the 2nd ended up with me in the ICU for a very aggressive cellulitis infection int he wound track. It was large enough that my partner at the time could stick his entire ham hock of a hand inside it while packing the wound AFTER they released me home for home health care. That was 7.5 years ago, during that time, as it healed, I dropped 70+ pounds, the skin and fat on my lower abs hangs unevenly, It's very noticable when I'm nude and even in clothes, I can't disguise the uneveness without wearing long shirts. I had a 3rd csection this past April, so roughly 9 months ago. It healed fine and they fixed the area that had been infected (as it healed, it left a very noticible dent in the csection scar, it looked very much like a 2nd belly button), obviously, once the weight is off, I'm having it evened up. It doesn't need to be a 19 yr olds abs, but the excess skin and especially the uneveness is going to be a problem for me.

Here's the question, when I walk briskly, or even jog, it bounces around, tugs at the scar and internal tissues. Is this due to how recent the last csection was? The excess weight and overhang of fat and skin? Is shapewear liable to help at all? I have some that's just for the lower area, and I'm seriously debating wearing it while jogging to help protect that area. I know when I do to much bouncing/hiking/more extreme styled forms of excersize, I'll often have spotting (if TMI, sorry), and it can last for a few days. The OB says thats merely the scar tissue around the scar breaking down and causing it, I'm wondering if shapewear can help eliminate that.

Sorry if this is alot of info or TMI, I love running and I want to get back to it, but not if a 30 min slow jog leaves me curled up rubbing the scar tissue and spotting for a week.

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