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Starting over sucks.
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Not going to lie, a huge motivator for me starting this diet in August was the fact that I was supposed to go to Mexico next month with a friend. Even at 75 pounds lighter, I'm afraid to travel because I don't know how I'll fit in the seats.

At my heaviest last January, I went to a comedy show held in an arena. I was in tears by the end of it, because I couldn't fit in the seat properly, and my back and thighs were pinched. It was humiliating.

Fast forward to this October, after losing 50lbs. I went to a concert in the same arena (I'd purposely booked seats in the back row, so I could just stand directly behind instead of sitting), but I decided to try the chairs, and I fit! It was a victory, and tangible proof that I actually had lost as much as the scale said.

You'll have that moment, and it will feel awesome.

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