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Good morning girls! Well, I guess for about a week it is just you and me, Susan!

I never did get in here yesterday to post. Every time I would think about it, something else would come into my mind, I would sit at the computer and do something else, then forget to post. Ahh well.

I am having a nice bowl of oatmeal and blueberries this morning. I put a bit of sf syrup in it and it is very tasty. I had banana in it yesterday. I trying hard to put much more fiber in my diet, cut out as much sugar as I can, avoid desserts all together, add veggies to my daily eating. Sometimes it is just trial and error to arrange your eating so you don't get hungry. Since I don't drink sugared sodas anymore and haven't for about 3 years now, not eating sugar is not a big deal. I am not the dessert person in this family, but Jack has one of the WW ice creams or oreos that he counts in his pts and he seems to be ok.

Maggie: Hope you have a good time on your trip. You sneaked it up on us. I don't remember seeing you say you were definitely going, but maybe I missed it.

Susan: I hope your surgeon can find a remedy for you. I know you would like to have a steady foot to walk on. After all, you are our exercise queen here. It is supposed to be up in the 50's here today and creep up into the 70's by the weekend I think. I am ready for spring already, frankly. I wish I could have the popcorn with a bit of cheese, but I can't eat popcorn. I love to smell it when Jack has it once in awhile though.

Well, not much news around here. We are just plodding along. We are having dinner with the kids on the 19th. Kelly is making baked chickena and roasted veggies so I hope the veggies are some Jack will eat. He is so particular sometimes. I am taking rolls and the sopapilla cheesecake since she asked me to bring rolls and dessert, but I may have a roll but none of the cheesecake for sure. Have a great day and Jean and Maggie, hope your trip is great!!! Faye
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