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Smile New to The Sonoma Diet

Hi everyone. I'm starting this week and am hoping to find others also on the Sonoma Diet. I noticed quite a few posted regularly last year & earlier this year, but not much activity lately.

I bought a new copy of the old book at a dollar store and was always going to give it a try; but never did. A couple of weeks ago, I dug it out of a box of stuff going to goodwill.

I love the idea of eating well--have eaten whole wheat bread, pastas, etc. for years & try to buy organic when I can. But I have a sweet tooth that won't quit. I never want to exercise either, so it's a struggle to keep the weight off. I'm just 4' 10.5 " tall and currently weigh about 122-125 (haven't checked this week). I am hoping to get down to 100 lbs. & do it with food/eating plan that I can stay on forever as I know I will gain it all back once I quit "dieting". (As I have every other time).

I'm hoping to do my grocery shopping tomorrow and doing some cooking ahead for a possible start Thursday or Friday. If not, maybe next week.....

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