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I think you say "Thank you very much for the cake-it is lovely." And then walk away. If they act offended, just say "Well now there's more for you guys to enjoy." One piece will not hurt, and it definitely will not help, either. Maybe you could tell them you're allergic to icing? Just kidding, but I know the exact situation. We have a countertop at work that is known as "the free to a good home counter," the "whose food is this? Well, yours, silly!" counter,"the buffet table," "the five pounds a month area," and the "grazing lands." And it is always overflowing with fill in the blank. Chips and salsa, brownies, chips, pretzels, cake, ice cream, pizza, whatever. And the drawer underneath is full of chocolate. This is the reason I gained so much weight working there. I couldn't control myself. It is always someone's birthday, or someone got a wild hair for baking, clients flood our intestines with liquefied sugars and fats, or a rep brings us lunch, or pastries. We work right next door to McDonald's, Dunkin' Donuts, and Steak n' Shake. It is ridiculous. And it has to stop. Nobody has to eat cake just because it is their birthday. And no one should be offended that someone else does not wish to eat said cake on their birthday. Appreciate the thought, and let the hogs slop up whatever is left at the trough. You can walk away knowing that you might live to another birthday- and just a little healthier.
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