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Make sure you don't harbour any guilt perhaps thinking you caused this by having the eating disorder. You didn't ask for an eating disorder so you didn't do this to yourself, if this is related to the eating disorder then it's an unfortunate side-effect of an illness that you had. But that may be totally irrelevant, you may well be one of the people who would always have had this issue even if you had never had an eating disorder at all. I have always felt faint when I am dieting. Whether I eat one food group or concentrate on another food group or have higher calories, lower calories, none of it makes any difference, if I try to control my food intake to anything other than "Eat as much as you like of whatever you want" then I feel faint and ill. Unfortunately it's something I've just decided I have to put up with for the pay-off.

Is there any chance you are chronically exhausted? Perhaps you have a stressful job, lots of kids, an incredibly active social life? I found that what I had been doing was abusing energy rushes, much as someone might abuse high dose caffeine or stronger things like amphetamines, in order to wring more energy out of my body when it was actually done for. I was exhausted, but if I had a candy bar I could go another hour on the energy in that candy bar, then crash. I could maybe get 20 minutes extra out of a pot of plain yoghurt. The higher the carb rush the more likely I could overcome the tiredness, but all foods would give me a short term boost as pretty much everything can be made into glucose one way or another by our bodies. When I stopped abusing the food and realised that when my body said I was exhausted it was time to lie down, not time to eat, I realised that there was too much going on in my life and I had to slim it down to something I could cope with. It was a whole lot easier to cut back when I stopped confusing hungry with tired. Now I have got rid of the worst of the exhaustion I don't need to lie down so often and I can just take a rest.

I do still have to eat frequently, though. I find I have to eat to the clock, I cannot wait until I feel hungry and then eat as I realise far too late, I don't respond to early signs of hunger, I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine and then I have to eat everything that is not nailed down as fast as possible. I now eat every time it's a meal time or snack time. As it happens my body is the same with other things too, I don't feel gradually a bit chilly, I feel fine for ages, then I realise I've been sitting in the cold for 5 hours and I have hypothermia, so I had to get a thermometer and if it reads low then I put some more clothes on, regardless of how I feel. It's been all about reacting to subtle things not extremes. My body is no longer a reliable witness.


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