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I've heard that the reason alcohol isn't recommended on a diet is because your body burns off alcohol before anything else, so in effect it prevents fat from burning off and you'll have a slower loss rate - but to me that seems a bit over the top, it's not as though we subsist on beer or other alcohol alone. I figure a light beer or a wine spritzer now and then isn't going to slow down the weight loss process terribly much. I do think it's a valid point about alcohol affecting judgment, which could lead to overeating, especially at vulnerable moments (i.e. social get-togethers with an abundance of available food). All I know is this - if I'm talking about making a lifestyle change, it can't be one that encourages deprivation or I won't be able to stay on it long term; I'll have that occassional glass of wine and if it means I won't burn off a couple of ounces because of it, then so be it!
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