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Thanks... I woke with another bad headache - I'm having muscle pain in my neck which is spawning these headaches. My right eye still feels funny (that eye always is 'off' when I get migraines). I'm lucky with migraines that if I treat it FAST, I can usually avert the head pain, but the rest still plays out - just the pain is masked - weird eye, sometimes diarrhea, feeling bad over all.

This is day 3. Last time it took TWO WEEKS to get over (triggered by muscle pain in the neck by something I did in BodyPump). Last time I ignored the headache for the first week and just kept going to class after that for another two weeks I didn't go and it slowly got better. This time I'll wisen up a bit and let my neck heal from the get go by avoiding straining it. I'll do lighter exercise instead.

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