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Maybe look for some natural supplements to help with the fibro, cramps, etc. And start exercise small, like walking a very short distance every day. You will probably be able to graudally increase that distance. Look up some cookbooks to find some ways to make your favorite foods with fewer calories/more healthy. Example, pizza with different crusts and ingredients, still add one unhealthy thing like pepperoni to get the pizza taste. Then find something like grilled chicken breasts and add your selected steamed veggies and spices to your own tastes...

I don't know about you, buy my body really has to be jolted to lose weight. I think as I've exercised more and changed my food, my body has changed some. I just found out that I've lost weight over about six months, and I wasn't counting everything I ate or exercising every night. AND it's almost the same amount of weight that I lost over TWELVE months of constantly recording everything I put in my mouth, and doing gym machines average four nights a week. omg. So, if you can get on something consistent, your body may eventually be willing to give up some fat.
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