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Originally Posted by 4myloves View Post
Right across the street? So he can see when people come and go? Has a pretty good idea of when people (you) are there alone, with no back-up?


I don't agree w/your supervisor that the deputies shouldn't be told. But maybe when she talks to the Sheriff, he'll have a different opinion.

I think the shouldn't be told thing is mostly about him trash talking them, and the talk about me personally is out of respect for me. He lives on the same side of the street...from where his house is he can't possibly see our parking lot or entrance, and even if he drove by there are always cop cars in the parking lot no matter what.

The entrance is down a flight of stairs and out of view completely from the street.

ETA: There's almost always a state trooper in the building connected to my office, and this guy CAN see the trooper's car from his house.

I think this is just the wrong, wrong, wrong approach to take in this situation. Men and women behind the blue wall are generally VERY protective of their own, and you, my dear, are their family. If this guy is creeping you out, I think they should know--JUST to keep an eye on things and to KEEP the situation from escalating. Why is there nothing your immediate supervisor or Sheriff can do about it? Is it because you allowed him to come in?
My immediate supervisor doesn't have the authority to make that kind of decision...which is why mums the word is what we left on when I left work this morning. If the Sheriff decides to let the guys know about it I would definitely prefer he doesn't specify on details...just the fact that I was harassed...and only if he thinks its necessary. He's about 6'5" or so, and a big big Texan. If the Sheriff is the only one who knows, that's comfort enough for me...only a complete moron would cross him. He's big, old school, and not somebody anybody would want to mess with.

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