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Default Strict Vegetarian/Vegan Diet while on college meal plan?

Hey guys!

I'm a new vegetarian... I mean... I was a lacto-ovo vegetarian for nearly five months earlier this year... and then a doctor told my mom I had to eat meat. So I did.

However... I'm of the opinion that a human's bodily organs as well as teeth are suited for the digestion of fruit and vegetables... not meat or other animal products.

So... that's my reasoning. I have nothing against the humane death of an animal for clothing, carnivore food, products that work best with animal products, etc etc. So... my lifestyle isn't vegan. It's eco-friendly without a doubt... but not "vegan".

But diet-wise... I have a strong desire to be.

Another problem though... I have a gluten intolerance. So... yeah. No wheat, barley, oats, or anything with gluten. (corn and rice are OK)

That... and I'm on the college meal plan, and I do not have anything but a microwave available in order to cook meals in my room.

So far I've just been having stir fry (I choose all ingredients) and salads... with a few fries... (with vitamins, nuts, fruits, etc) but... I feel as though it could get quite boring after a while (it's not so far though). The soups almost always have either dairy, eggs, or meat in them... and since I live in Texas... most other things have meat in them... but I'm really wanting to do this... as a lifestyle change... not as a fad.

So... any thoughts?
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