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Default 53 Lbs. lost!! Goal Pics :)

Hi everybody, just wanted to share a little of my success and hopefully inspire others.

Before/After pics attached below because I do not yet have enough posts to embed them.....

I went from 187Lbs. to 134Lbs. and holding.

I started in October 2009 at 187Lbs.

EDIT: 187Lbs was not good for me because my height is 5'2" so BMI was 34.3 which = obese. 134Lbs puts me at 24.6, within healthy range.

I was quite lazy and my diet was nonexistent. I especially liked doughnuts and white cakes . But even then I knew that I was heading for disaster unless some drastic changes were made.

So I joined the local YMCA, working out solo at first. Then I began to get bored with workouts and lose focus. So I joined some of the group fitness classes - best thing for me cuz the instructors made it fun and was nice to have others to work out with too . I also adjusted my diet drastically - I cut out ALL pastries and other sources of high sugar & fat. I cut all soda drinking.

I've kept this weight off for over a year now, and I'm much more active these days. I still attend fitness classes, and I've even become a part-time instructor myself.

Many of us here on 3FC are living proof that you too can lose weight and become healthier. Persistence is key. I was discouraged at first due to not seeing results but that turned into a desire to work even harder. So if you are working toward your weight loss goal and not yet seeing results, don't give up! You CAN do this!

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