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Unhappy COMPLICATED diet!

Hello, I'm new here and have multiple diet issues. I am 48 yrs old and have been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. I am also struggling with with cholesterol issues and of course, weight. At 5'3" i weigh 160. my dr would like to see me lose 15 pounds, i would prefer to lose 30 or 35. I also suffer from hypothyroid problems (we're just starting to work with that), and hypertension which is what we think caused the CKD. So I need to figure out a plan that utilizes the following guidelines:

Low sat fat/ cholesterol to address the cholesterol problem
Low sodium to address the hypertension
Low phosphorous/ high potassium for the kidneys

I am allowed to eat bad carbs because the kidneys don't have to work as hard, but I also know the pitfalls of this because of the weight. This is one of my bigger problems because my husband is diabetic and is supposed to eat whole grains etc which I cannot have. I need all the help I can get!
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If you have medical coverage, your insurance may cover diet counseling or education with a dietitian or certified nutrition educator) depending on your diagnosis (diabetes, insulin resistance, and kidney disease are commonly covered).
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I agree with kaplods. With all of your problems, it would only make sense to have someone help you. You will probably do better with guidance, because it will be easier to have a basic meal plan to refer to, instead of individually picking apart all of the foods you look at until you get so sick of it that you give up. I know they said you could eat "bad carbs", but I would be concerned about the effects of high glycemic index carbohydrates on my pancreas. If you end up with Diabetes too, well, that's definitely not good for your kidneys. I wish I could offer some guidance, but I am doing well with a whole foods approach that involves way more protein than would probably be recommended for you. I had a bout of glomerulonephritis from autoimmune disease, and I was on a lower protein diet for awhile, but I had no idea what I was doing, so I ate wheat and junk like it was going out of style. Not recommended. The issues I had are probably not the same as yours, with yours being chronic, but my issues came with high cholesterol, and once my kidney inflammation (and hypoproteinemia) was resolved, my cholesterol went back to normal. Your issues are a little tricky. Even though I can't offer much diet advice, I offer support and wish you success in your health journey! It can be done. It will just take a little bit of figuring out. But you are worth the effort!
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