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Default Help! Need recommendations! What used to work for me no longer does - suggestions

Hi, I need help figuring out which plan is right for me. Before I worked in this profession – before I had my (now 4 year old twins) - before I had a 1.5 -2 hour commute each way to work, I used to eat healthy and work out. What worked for me before becoming a mom – for very gradual weight loss, even on induction… was South Beach with LOTS of exercise– but I have absolutely NO, and I mean NO time to prepare meals or exercise.

I now have a very stressful, last minute crazy hours job. There usually is no time to exercise (or even take a bathroom break at work, seriously, no lunch breaks often) during the day, due to work, and my long commute. And honestly, even if I have any free time during the day, I would rather spend half an hour with my kids before they go to bed then hit the Gym and not see them at all during the week. I have no time to cook. I often have weekends free, but not usually – and by “free” I mean trying to spend some time with my kids while cleaning up a weeks worth of mess in the house and laundry.

So basically – my weight has crept up 40 pounds from my usual weight (50 pounds from goal weight) and I have no time, energy, or $ to spare.

Atkins did not work for me – I did not lose a single pound, even after 6 weeks on induction.

I am looking for suggestions of diets to try, that do not require: Any $, exercise, much (barely ANY, I mean not more than 5 minutes top) food preparation, time, or trying to figure out mathematical equations entering nutrients into a calculator. Preferably a plan that is low in processed carbs and high in protein, and does not require strict calorie counting (I am not completely opposed to calorie counting, but I CANNOT live off of less than 1200 calories a day!), and allows caffeine.

I often get ravenous from stress (which comes with the territory with my job) and whatever I chose I need to find lots of low-calorie, non-perishable food to stash for emergency snacks.

I have considered joining weight watchers, but cannot afford any $.;… AT ALL, and the calculators scare me.

I need high protein / lower carb options as I am also hypoglycemic.

So I am here, asking for what worked for you, and suggestions. Please, any suggestions at all would be very welcome!
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gebbeth~ I'm just in awe after reading your post. My stress level is NOWHERE near yours, I wish I had some suggestions for you...

I keep a couple low sodium V8s in my desk at work in case I need something to get me through a hungry spot.

A girl I used to work with had a couple hard boiled eggs at break time, she only ate the whites, seems like a waste to me, but maybe something like that or string about nuts? They have boxes with prepackaged nuts, we have a snack thing at work and they have 1 oz bags of peanuts, 1 or 2 oz bags of pistachios, roasted almonds, maybe something like that would work for you.

Wishing you the best!
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kelijpa, thanks so much for the snack suggestions. They are very much appreciated. I appreciate the V8 suggestion. Good if I can find something low-calorie high protein to go with it. Nuts are good - but I don't have the control to eat just a few ... YET

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If you can spare just 5 more minutes I can suggest The Biggest Loser 30 Day Jump Start. It's 10 minute work outs every day.
Also on the weekend when you have a spare hour (perhaps while the kids are napping?) you could pre-make some low calorie meals and freeze them for those crazy busy day's.
The boiled egg suggestion kelijpa mentioned sounds great for quick breakfast on the go. As for the nuts... count them out and pre bag them in little snack baggies and grab one with your lunch, that way you only eat what you took. Maybe some cheddar cheese slices and whole grain crackers, or two tablespoons of peanut butter and a banana? Oh.. and water.. lots and lots of water. I put a lemon in my water to jazz it up.
BTW... do you have a desk job? Sometimes when I'm at my desk, I do I sit at the edge of my seat and lean back slowly, then straigten up and so on ... Kind of like little sit ups.
If you go up and down the stairs to do laundry or at work, make a rule that you have to go back down and come back up a second time each time you have to take the stairs, just for that quick extra cardio.
I'm sure these suggestions seem unprobable with your crazy busy day's but I hope you find something in there that is useful.
Good Luck to you and keep up the good efforts
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Belly Fat Cure by Jorge Cruise is high protein, lower carb and may work for you. You can keep it simple, there's no need to make complicated recipes. There is a jumpstart plan in the book that you can start with. It worked for me last Spring so I recommend it. It isn't as strict as Atkins and you aren't going into Ketosis.....I just recommend this becuase you mention that you need to keep your carbs low. I have tried every low carb diet that exists int he universe and BFC was by far the best one and easiest to follow.
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