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Default 40-Something October Week One Chat

I'm ready for the start of a new week and a new month.

With Mack gone I thought I would sleep in..... not a chance with the dogs, seems they are on the same messed up schedule. I did get a lot done yesterday; shredded a bag full of papers from the filing cabinet and almost finished my HK inventory. Today I'll finish that up and update our "estate" documents.

The wind here has picked up like it does in the winter, I just wonder if that means we are in for rain; that usually comes in November. The temperature has really dropped too, mid week the high is only suppose to be in the 60's.

I feel really good about the start to my month; went shopping and have nothing but "good" stuff, keeping my calories under 1400, and doing 60 minutes on the treadmill daily.

Enjoy your Sunday ladies!!!
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fat chick FKA Velveteen
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Good Morning and Happy October!

Still logging away, this is day 7 but admittedly I'm over almost every day.

I'm going to change my clothes RIGHT NOW and go for a run. I need to work off the deficit at least for today.

Hope everyone is doing well! It's windy here too and we have already turned on the heater... spring and summer went by too quickly for my liking!
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Apparently I'm a little out of touch with local weather & news. The cold front came in early with the winds last night and the high today is only suppose to be 64.

In addition, a fire started in the pass (about 30 miles away) and mandatory evacuations are in order for that area. A shelter has been opened here for both humans & animals so I will head over there with my crates and xpens. The wind has died down a bit so hopefully they will get control soon.
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Hi everyone. Hope you all are having a good weekend.
I plan to do some walking today. My bf was supposed to grill out steaks last night but he was not in the mood to cook. We might grill out tonight though as he really likes to grill and our weather is becoming quite chilly.

It is my son's birthday today. He is 20. I gave him some money and made him one of his favorites, crab and veggie pasta salad. Shhh, don't tell him I used light ranch. He has to work today but his friends will be celebrating with him later tonight.
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Green Tomatoes
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Marie: Thanks for the dancing carrots! Hope the rest improves your feeling closer to 100%.

CruiseCAT: thanks for starting the week and month off for us! Sounds like you're doing great! Hope all goes well at the shelter.

Velveteen: Hope the run went well. We're getting cool weather this week, too.

Hydra: Hope the grilling works out tonight. We've got a grilled supper on tap, too (chicken and delicata squash on the grill, salad on the side). It's also supposed to be cool here, so we'll see if we really feel up to it. I think I'll push for supper on the early side to increase the chances.

I've got a pot of beans on the stove right now, which feels more appropriate to the weather than our grilling plans for tonight. Hope everyone has a relaxing Sunday!
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Morning everyone,

My scale was well behaved this morning. 12.8 pounds left to go. So I moved my ticker for the pound loss and that was cool.

DH and I took the doggies for a 3 miles walk this morning. And it was SNOWING!!! Eeks. Like Cruise and Velveteen, our winds are just blowing like crazy. It was cold. I made DH hot cocoa and me a mocha. Then we had hot cereal for breakfast. It felt like the dead of winter. But the doggies loved it.

Cruise, sounds like you are well on track again. Congrats and you will get past that 10 pound fluctuation.

Renee, I'm guessing that even though you've logged over, you were still probably eating less than usually. Logging is a great habit to get into.

Joy, you have your pot of beans and I made 3 bean chili last night. It's so low cal and yummy. I wish I could have it often but I can only get away with it every few months since I'm very allergic to peanuts and soy - both in the same food family. So I don't push it DH is taking the chili with him. But wow, it was great.

DH is packing. I really wish he wasn't going. Nov. 10 it a long time from now. But I will be busy as a puppy is on my list. It has been since April but the time wasn't right. Now that the animal behaviorist has gotten my pack in order, she says it's time. So Kai Pixie Bear will get a playmate. I really wanted to adopt this rescue doggie but the rescue group doesn't respond to any inquiries. I talked with my vet and animal behaviorist about that, basically I'm starting to see red flags, and they both agreed. So I'm thinking puppy since a puppy needs a good home as well. I am trying to be nice to DH to get through the initial puppy work while he's gone. He's appreciative of that.


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May I join your 40 something group? I'm new to this board, so would like some buddies. Thanks :-)
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Hydra - nice jewelry! How do you make the silver bands bend like that? I've always wondered when I see that type of earrings.

evcolbmom- welcome!

Cruise - I hope the fire is stopped before anyone loses their home.

Marie - good luck with the puppy. I've never had dogs before and I'd love to hear how the training goes.

Velveteen - keep running!

gardenerjoy - that sounds like a yummy dinner. What are you making?

It's been a few days since I've been here and lots has happened. I was offered a job on Wednesday and I accepted. I start tomorrow! That was quick, but they have a lot of work on the go. This is the job at the place where my former disgruntled employee works. The people doing the hiring must have put what she said aside and decided to hire me anyway. I'm not worried because I have no intention of stirring the pot.

I've got a terrible cold and I'm trying my best to get better before tomorrow. It wouldn't do to be sick on my first day.

I was feeling frustrated at my lack of progress, so I bought the Beck Diet Solution book that has been recommended by some other 3FC members and, since it focuses on cognitive behavior therapy, it seems to be helping with my eating issues. Time will tell.
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Ready to hit the beach!
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Happy Sunday Everyone!

We have had a very busy weekend. Volleyball, 2 soccer games, a little shopping, DH and I went out with some friends last night. Add in a little housework, laundry and cooking. No wonder I'm feeling pooped!

Presmaggie, Congrats on the new job! That's terrific. Don't let that old coworker spoil things for you. Sounds like you know how to deal with her!

evcolbmom, Welcome to our group! Keep posting, this is a great group!

Marie, A new puppy! Sounds like fun! Let us know what kind you get. COngrats on another pound. You are truly in the homestretch!

joy, Today turned out to be nicer than expected weatherwise! What you planning to do with those beans?

Hydra, My DS is also 20, hard to believe how fast they grow up! Celebrate! Does he live with you?

Cruise, Sounds like you have a plan to get things back on track. I'm sure you must be missing Mack, 2 weeks is a long time!

Velveteen, I just can't bring myself to turn on the heat, even though it has been chillier here in the am. I'm missing summer already!
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evcolbmom - welcome to the group! this group of ladies and gents have been so helpful to me with their cheerful support.

presmaggie - I use gauge 20 or 22 sterling silver wire for the earrings, so it is very bendable. Instead of using pliers to bend the wire I use an old pair of metal hemostats as I find them easier to handle and grip the wire to move it around.

onmyway - hmmm, tricky question. My son does stay with me a lot lately as he and his gf are having relationship issues. I am hoping that his stay here this fall is temporary and that he and his gf will work things out and be together. It is hard to let him find his own way but he is an adult and I respect his decisions.

For some reason I woke up a while ago and can't get back to bed. I am looking forward to later today after work as I will be babysitting my granddaughter, Hayden. She will be here tomorrow as well. I really enjoy my time with her!

I will be working half days all week (my work is part time and runs about 25 hours a week). I work at a large mental health agency and one of the programs is to have a functional kitchen with breakfast, lunch and snacks served daily. I used to get the lunch at work because it is only $2 and usually quite healthy. Due to recent budget cuts the kitchen is making a lot of fatty and carb heavy and less healthy food. This sucks and I really hate to see the students and staff at work suffer with these budget cuts. I will be bringing my lunch for most of the week as it is just not worth it to try and justify the inexpensive lunch if it is high in fat and carbs and calories.
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Hello, can I come in? I've been playing games with my weight for about two years now. Meaning, eating like crazy and watching the scale go up. Made a few halfhearted attempts to lose, but....well, maybe this one will take.

Last night I dreamt hubby and I renewed our wedding vows. Somehow I managed to squeeze into the dress, but I was ashamed to pose for pictures 40 pounds heavier than I was the first time around. So I will take that dream as a "get going" sign.

Today I plan a looooooong walk.
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welcome joan and evco! it's an ugly, rainy day here in charleston : ( however it is my thursday so my workweek is almost over : ) I have a change of clothes at work in case I get soaked waiting for the bus. everyone seems to be doing so well! I'm going to weigh in today, but not expecting the scale to move. I've been slack on my extra exercise and skipped pt on thursday. Will try to get to personals after work tonight. hoping everyone has a great week!
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Hi, everyone! Had a great trip to NC and behaved myself pretty well - did not drink at all, and didn't overeat. I came home at the same weight I left ... and about 4 extra pounds of snot in my head. Yep - I've come down with the classic rapid-weather change cold. I'm ticked off! So, today I'm working from home to spare my coworkers the ugliness and hopefully the germs. Yuck. Must've screwed up with my obsessive handwashing somewhere, somehow.

I'll try to get caught up and post some more later. Have a great week!
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Well I almost got myself arrested yesterday for inciting a riot out at the fairgrounds. To make a long story short the FD was sending everyone to the fairgrounds with animals and when they got there they were sending those with "small" animals to the local shelter to have them "boarded". This "shelter" in the worse in the state and maybe in the country. Things got a little nasty but the people with dogs/cats were finally allowed to stay.

At this point the fire is about 20% contained. The winds have died down, temps are cool, and there is high humidity in that area so they expect to really get control and hopefully let people back into their homes today.

Renee - WTG on your logging. I know that logging, even when I go over, keeps me honest with myself.

Pres - Congratulation on the new job. Sure hope you felt better this morning.

Marie - I thought two weeks was a long time to be apart from DH. How often does he go away?

Welcome Sarah and Joan!!!

Hydra - Enjoy your time with your GD. I hate that I'm so far away from my GD. I do get to see him next month, can't wait.

OMW - Wow... sounds like the kids really do keep you busy.

ICU - Sure hope you feel better.

I've already got my workout in and now heading back to the fairgrounds. Catch up with you all later.

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I got quite a shock yesterday. It was raining and Hubby told me it was 55*. I thought it would warm up, so I'm running around in hose knee hi's, flats, dress pants, a long sleeve shirt and a sinlgle layer raincoat, which apparently needs to be hit with Scotchgard again. I was freezing! What was I thinking? Jeans and longsleeve sweater today, with socks!

As you may have figured out its raining again, and will rain for most of the week.

Cruise, Eeeek! What a horrible situation to be in.

ICU, I hope you feel better soon.

WLW, At this point I'm just happy when the scale doesn't go up again!

Joan, Welcome to our group.

Hydra, Good job on taking your lunch to miss the kitchen's unhealthy food!

Maggie, Hope you feel better especially on your first day. Let us know what you think of the Beck book.

Evcolb, Welcome, I always think its better to join a small group rather than tackle the whole board at once.

Marie, congrats on the well behaved scale.

Joy, I'm thinking veg soup and grilled cheese!

Velveteen, we turned our heater on today! Enjoy your run!
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