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The best way to add calories is to add a little healthy oil to what you are already eating, such as olive oil, avocado, nuts, etc. You don't have to eat more bulk to add more calories. My guess is that you are afraid of fat and avoid it like the plague. Don't. Fat is not the enemy - add some to your food. Another way to add fat is, if you are using low-fat food products, use the real version instead.

(Though I admit, as a big eater with a big appetite, my mind always boggles at people who are sated at 1200 calories and come in asking how to add calories. It would be such a nice problem to have!)

I'm sure other people will disagree, but if I were you I would pick one plan and stick with it. Weight Watchers seems to be working for you (weight loss does slow, especially as you get close to a healthy weight - tinkering with your plan isn't going to fix that), so why mess with it? Just stick with it. And don't be afraid to dip into your weekly points - they are part of the plan, they are there for a reason. Talk with your WW leader about this, because I know it's a problem a lot of people on WW have.
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