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Default Calorie counting vs WW

Hey guys.

I lost nearly 60 lbs about 3 years ago, mainly through calorie counting. Though, I wasn't smart about it, I lost it mainly by eating only lean cuisines and processed foods that I could easily track. I didn't teach myself how to sustain my weight loss eating healthy foods. Then when I stopped doing it and met my current boyfriend, I didn't really know how to "eat like a real person" and fell off the wagon and gained about 40 lbs back. No one wants to live off lean cuisines forever, you know?

Any way, so I've been attempting to lose the weight this time around since January, though this time I tried Weight Watchers and the new points plus plan. I really enjoyed it and so far, I've lost 27 lbs. I follow the plan like a hawk and I'm very aware of my points usage. However, my weight loss has slowed quite significantly for the past month and a half.

Just out of curiosity yesterday, I signed up for a website, MyFitnessPal, and started logging my calories in addition to my WW points. I logged both for today as well. I realized that my WW points were running out and over my daily target while the calorie counter site was saying I should still eat a lot more? Now I'm confused. According to MyFitnessPal, I've only eaten about 1,200 calories both days and that I should probably eat another 300 calories per day. I'm concerned that because I've been so strict and anal with WW, that maybe I haven't been eating enough because I always try to stop right at 29 daily points(my twisted mind feels *guilty* when I go over! though I know that's what weekly points are for).

So now I'm trying to think of ways to add in some calories during the day in a healthy way. I'm honestly quite satiated right now and the thought of eating 300 more calories tonight is daunting. I'm worried that I haven't been eating enough for the past 4 months(though I was never really hungry or deprived) and now maybe I've stalled out since I've stopped losing weight. Should I continue to track both? And which should take priority? Advice?

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