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Originally Posted by serendipityberry View Post
My coach said to use Grapeseed oil instead of EVOO and I am wondering about this since all I've heard anyone here speak of is EVOO. Anyone have any information about this? It appears that they both have the good unsaturated fat, but Gs has more polyunsaturated fat and EVOO has more monounsaturated....if that matters.
serendipityberry Grapeseed oil (GO) was listed on my phase 1 sheet. I never used it. Having read different reports (summaries of scientific & medical research) that walking2lose has probably seen, I'm glad I never ventured to buy it. There are some researchers who consider polyunsaturated fats a toxin to our bodies. IP doesn't, or at least considers it preferable to other options.

Grapeseeds like canola, sunflower, safflower, corn are very difficult to get oils from. You don't naturally eat a grape and think, hmmm, I think I'll grind up the seed soak it in a solvent and then get some oil. No you spit it out and leave it on the ground to grow more grapes! These oils and others are sometimes referred to as industrial seed oils. They are food-like products that your grandmother or great-grandmother wouldn't recognize. If you search on the terms "industrial seed oils" or "PUFAs" (polyunsaturated fatty acids) you'll discover credible researchers and peer-reviewed studies looking at the effect of the introduction of the increased omega-6 fats to our diets. I suspect that in 20-30 years, these omega-6 oils and the single strain hybridized wheat that's used in EV.ERY.THING. will become as much an issue of public health activity as tobacco. Maybe it will take longer than 30 years, but I hope not.

For sure GO is better than much of the fat we've been eating in our "standard American diets" before IP. Because it has a higher smoke point than EVOO, it's the better choice for stir-fries and sauté. There are better and tastier options in my opinion, however they are "off protocol" on IP. Personally I think IP's designers drank too much of the "no saturated fat koolaid." I've used coconut oil for sauté, EVOO for dressings that won't be heated, and very occasionally a little butter or ghee for flavor.

At the risk of being presumptuous, I'll try to explain my friend Linden's tone. It's late in Germany and she may still be adjusting to time & climate changes after travelling there from Hawai'i. And, far more importantly, in the 6 months we've both been on the board, we've seen a lot of posts with comments about coaches. There are lots of coaches that are total gems -- caring and knowledgeable people you'd send your desperately ill and overweight bff/mom/dad/child to in a heartbeat. And then there's the other extreme, "coaches" acting as if their sole job is to provide a scale for you step in their presence and to exchange IP product for your money.

Sometimes it's frustrating to hear/read that you are paying people for a program and they are taking your money but leaving out the helping you and the answering your questions about the program and the why they're suggesting what they're suggesting. It's probably better not to respond to posts when I react with frustration to seeing this poor service yet again. On the other hand, people can feel incredibly alone and think that shoddy treatment and no answers is just the way it's supposed to be. It's a tough call to make as a seasoned poster on this forum. I hope you understand.

So ... I'm asking in advance that you forgive my crabbiness at an IP coach when I think an IP dieter is getting ripped off of the support s/he's paying for.
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