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I love an egg white omelette made with 4 whites whisked well with salt and pepper. I spray the pan, add some chopped cooked shrimp (from the bag in the freezer) till they are warmed through and not leaking liquid, then add the whites. When about half way set I sprinkle on a little little bit of finely shredded asiago cheese. Finish up and eat with a TON of homemade very very spicy salsa.

I like a corn tortilla on the side and a bit of avocado. I put the tortilla right on the oven rack at 350 till crispy - no spray or oil needed.

I picked up the asiago when it was on sale months ago and it has become my go-to flavor enhancer. Like parmesan but more oomph to me and so convenient. The Lucerne (Safeway) brand is finely shredded and I keep it in the freezer. It stays fairly loose so I can just use what I need, rezip the bag and toss back in the freezer.
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