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Down again! Doing an average of 2.5 pounds a week! Awesomeness! 6 more pounds to go! I told my husband that as of today, I am back down to the weight I was before I became pregnant with that little one over there <----.
He said, "I never realized you were that big. Umm, not that you're that big now. What I meant was..." lol... I tried to sit there with a grumpy face as long as I could to see how long he would keep going, but the giggles just poured out lol How you girls doin?

7/05 - 265
7/12 - 262.5
7/19 - 260
Labor Day goal: 243 pounds (-25 pounds total)
My Birthday: 223 (-45 pounds)
Halloween: 203 (-65 pounds)
Thanksgiving: 183 (-85 pounds)
Christmas: 163 (-105 pounds)
Valentine's Day: 134 (-134 pounds)
Goal Weight: 134 (to lost 1/2 of me) Goal BMI: 24

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