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Default When others "know" more than your doctor does

I didn't want to hijack another thread, so I started this one.

I am constantly bombarded by armchair doctors who seem to know more than my actual doctor, since what they say contradicts what she already told me. They'll outright tell me she's wrong. Some of these people are in the nursing profession, but others don't have any medical or nursing training at all. My mother, who thinks her herbalist all but wrote the Bible, won't shut up about Vitamin C, colon cleanses, your body's pH balance, and the latest quack remedies as the cure to everything. If I tell her what my doctor said, or even that I'll mention it to my doctor, she'll go so far as to say, "Oh, doctors don't really want you to get well. They make so much money off of people being sick." She thinks I should be taking 1,000 mg. of Vitamin C every TWO HOURS! And then magically my diabetes would be cured!

Is there a solution other than not talking to my mother? I already moved 3,000 miles away from her.
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