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Unhappy Help!!!

I am 45 yrs old and weigh 345lbs. I am so tired of feeling crappy, being huge, looking horrible, and frustrated with my weight issues and health. I just started the KETO way of eating and hate it. I just want to eat healthier. I am not very active due to hurting. I injured my left knee a couple months ago by falling. I am back to being able to walk without aid though. Also I have planter fasciitis and have a lot of tendonitis in mostly my right foot (a lot of pain). I use Carb Manager for a food log as I like the idea of keeping an eye on my macros. I also have a fitbit just haven't used the food log for it(as it wasn't keto friendly) but might start using it.

I also have the issue of making meals for myself, my husband and my 18yr old son(he has special needs). My son has the opposite issue than what I have, he needs to gain weight, so I have had him to the dietician and speech therapist(for swallow study) and I have to add calories into his food. This is all so overwhelming for me. I was in tears lastnight because I just want to lose weight but also have my son gain weight. But I just have limited time for things as I work midnights and sleep days.

Just wondering what you all in the same situation, or were in the same situation are doing/have done?
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I tried keto but gave that up after a day. There was too much to think about to plan meals, and after dinner I was still starving and had already went wayyyy over on my protein. So, I just decided to count calories, I'm extremely picky and I'm trying to work on it, but I still eat the same bad for me stuff as before but I just cut my calories down. Before I started trying to lose weight I ate about 3,000 calories a day and weighed 333, I cut my calories to 2000 for 3 weeks and then went to 1800 and I'm now 305. I basically get no exercise, from pure laziness, so activity wise were the same. Along with just counting calories I quit drinking pop cold turkey after drinking nothing but Dr Pepper for 15 or so years. My weight loss has slowed down recently but it's still going down and I'm sort of mad at myself for not doing this sooner lol I haven't made any crazy dramatic change and I'm almost 30 pounds down!

I'm trying to get myself to think of food as a way to live, not something to necessarily "enjoy". I've quit rewarding myself with food, I used to think when I got something done or did good at whatever I should treat myself and I always chose food but that's really not the reason we eat lol Instead of going out to eat when I reach my mini goals I have made a list of things I want to do/buy for myself. Most are things to go and experience but my first one is at 299 and I want to buy a scale that tells you how much fat and lean muscle you are. Not sure if you son is able to help or not, but maybe get him in the kitchen when your'e cooking, you'll be helping him out and it would be a good distraction so your'e not thinking about what he gets to eat. If he's unable to help maybe just bring him into the kitchen or dining room and talk to him while you cook.
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