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Default What are you most looking forward to?

I thought this would be a fun and uplifting thread to start about what we're looking forward to on our journeys to Twoderville and Onederland.

I'm sure there's other threads like this one but thought it was especially significant for those 300+

I am looking forward to being able to go into ANY store in the mall for clothes, not just Lane Bryant, Torrid and Sears

I am looking forward to wearing a bathing suit proud. Maybe one day even a bikini. Right now my bathing suits are covered with full clothes until the very last second of getting in the pool/ocean and then I throw them off and run in.

I am looking forward to not having to always pull my pants up and shirt down, just having things FIT right.

I am looking forward to having a healthy BMI. I'm actually looking forward to my BMI saying "overweight" instead of obese.

How about you?

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Getting smaller everyday
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It's such an amazing journey. Especially now that I'm getting into experiencing some of the things that I had on my list. I went into Debs in the MALL (I haven't been to the Mall in years much less shop in a store there) and they have junior and junior plus. Of course I had to shop in junior plus but it was amazing to be able to fit actual clothes somewhere other than a store made specifically for bigger women.

I can't wait to wear shorts, and dresses, and skirts.

I'm 27 and I haven't worn a bathing suit since I was a kid. I can't wait to be able to.

I can't wait to finally start embracing the person in the mirror. It's true what they say that you need to take pictures, or videos, or whatever to show your progression because looking in the mirror doesn't do it. People would comment on my weight all the time and I'm like yeah, I wear smaller clothes and I guess I'm smaller but I didn't get it. I knowingly let my manager take a full length picture of me and I couldn't believe the chick staring back at me was me!

I can't wait to get out of plus sizes for good! While I'm finding more and more clothes that I actually want to buy vs having to buy since stepping into an 18/20 I still would like to be what I feel is a normal size. I'm hoping to get to a size 10 and see how that feels.
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Great thread. Thanks for starting it.
I'm sure I'll have more to add but right now I want to get rid of strange bumps, globs, and rolls
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There are so many things to look forward to but I would have to say that playing outside with the kids is at the top of my list. I hate not being able to run around with them and always having to sit and watch because I get too tired. I cannot wait until we can all go the amusement park together and I can ride the rides with them as well!!!
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- going on amusement parks & rides, etc.
- not having to be worried/paranoid about flying and not having to ask for a seat belt extender
- fitting comfortably into a standard-size bathtub
- more options for clothes shopping
- getting pregnant (can't even imagine it for myself at this weight)

I am sure there are more! This is something I have been thinking about a lot lately and was going to post something like this thread, so thank you & I am glad you did! I will come back when/if I think of more.
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I'm looking forward to being able to go to the beach without feeling embarrassed.

I'm looking forward to going on rides with my kids at theme parks without even wondering if I'm going to fit. I once had to leave a ride because I couldn't fit, and I have been too afraid to try again.

I'm looking forward to being able to buy clothes that suit my age.

I want to be able to just RUN, free as a bird and fast! Like I did when I was a child and like my children do now. That was my favorite activity - just running with the wind blowing through my hair.

I want to shop anywhere for clothes. I've been dressing in $5 t-shirts and $10 pairs of sweatpants or basketball shorts for 2 years now. It's getting ridiculous. The quality is awful, but I don't want to invest in expensive clothing that I "plan" to shrink out of.
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Default I am looking forward to

taking a long bubble bath in a tub
sitting in a chair with arms that don't pinch
taking long walks and still being able to breathe
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Technology for the Loss
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I think the 3 biggest things:

--Improved intimacy with my husband and a little one in a few years
--Fitting on plane seats and going to any amusement park I wanted
--Going to any clothing store I want and walking out with several bags
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I am looking forward to losing enough weight that I no longer have to worry each time I get on a plane, will I , or won't I need to ask for a seatbelt extender. (I didn't need any on any of my flights this vacation but I'm still borderline, I lucked out on airlines that had seatbelts that were large enough for me... they vary plane to plane and sometimes even seat to seat, it will be amazing when that's not a worry anymore!.)
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Fitting in any chair, taking a bath, going on a roller coaster, and being able to walk up the 3 flights of stairs to my apartment without having to spend 10 minutes once I get to the top just trying to catch my breath....those would all be very nice things
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Top be able to go into a store and try on clothes that fit right.

To no longer have such big a big bust. ( So uncomfortable.)

To go on the beach and REALLY enjoy it..

To have confidence.
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I would love to wear skirts without having to wear pettipants underneath. How awesome it will be to take a stroll without my thighs...well, you know.
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I want to run. I have no idea why this is such an obsession right now. But I do. I remember in elementary school I used to dread when they would time us running, but that's cause I was the slowest and everyone would be at the finish line waiting for me. I kinda enjoyed the actual running part...which ended up just jogging by the end haha. Once I lose a significant amount I want to try the couch to 5k thing.

Cute clothes is another big motivator. I have a lot of cute tops waiting for me when I get down maybe 60#'s more. And buying in regular stores is an awesome thought.

Not feeling like I'm holding anyone back. Like because I walk slower, or can't fit on rides, or like with having to go bridesmaid dress shopping for my sisters wedding.

Healthier sex life

Having children

Not being uncomfortable in a bathroom stall

That's all I got for now : )
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Mine will be not worrying about "can I fit comfortably into this restaurant's booth?" lol I HATE going to new places without knowing the seating style.
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Starting over sucks.
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So many of the things you guys have mentioned have been major NSV's for me (I'm 6 feet tall). That restaurant booth one is still a challenge sometimes though!

I look forward to not being bigger than all the men I know (taller I'm stuck with but if I could weigh a little less I'd be ecstatic)

Not having a top belly and a bottom belly

No "w's" after my pant tags!
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