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Exclamation 17, In need of suggestions

Hi, my name is Celeste.. I weigh in over or a bit under 340 pounds at the age of 16, turning 17 in June. Im so confused with things.. I have tried to lose weight, and lost 20 pounds at one point, but for some reason as soon as I saw weight loss I just stopped working out. My regimen was pretty simple, small breakfast from school, water for lunch with gum, and at home a can of mushrooms sautéed. I have a very high pain tolerance and was working out for an hour to an hour and a half on the elliptical in my house. I don’t want to do this for anybody but myself. All the things id like to do just seem like a bother when I cannot do them and have fun because of this weight. Im unhappy about it, but I don’t allow it to bring me down all the way. I’d like suggestions on some things that I could do to lose a bit of weight. I would LOVEEE to be down to 180 by my senior year (ending sophomore year now), and hear that kids can lose weight faster than a more ripe individual. Anything you guys have to offer would be absolutely wonderful, as I have been searching and trying to find something I can fine tune to my needs.

I hate hate hate working out in my neighborhood..


I dont mind if it is unhealthy, or healthy, but please be aware that I am open to all and would not like to be bashed because of the fact that I would go through unhealty things to rid myself of this fat.

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Hi Celeste,

I'm afraid you sent your body into starvation mode with that diet you did to lose that 20 lbs. It's not a sustainable way to eat. At your starting weight and age, you can easily lose weight at a 2000 calorie a day diet with healthy foods to eat. You will be pleasantly surprised and should not feel deprived or hungry.

Please do not try crash diets like that one you were on again. It's hard on your body and the yo-yo dieting will cause your body to hold onto more calories when you do try to eat healthy at a decent calorie intake.

I hope you hang around and try small changes you can live with! Our Lifeboat thread does 10 day increments of any goal you want to set for yourself.

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The first thing you have to realize is that losing weight is a lifestyle change not only just a diet. Along with saying that the best weight loss is steady weight loss. I know this might sound discouraging to you, it was for me also especially since we are young (I'm 23) but it is truly the only way. I feel like your eating patterns are very unhealthy when you try to diet and I think you're probably doing your body more harm than good, you could really mess up your metabolism that way. When you slowly change your eating patterns it becomes easier to live with long term than just crash dieting. I can't personally tell you what diet to choose, because everyone is different but there are a number of options from calorie counting, to visiting a dietician, Atkins, south beach, ip, weight watchers etc. it all depends on which you think you could live with long term. Best of luck!
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You say you hate working out in your neighborhood - is there somewhere you can go to just walk? I often will drive to another location to walk around - a park, different neighborhoods or trails. Moving is very important for weight loss, I don't think you can be successful without physical activity of some kind, even just a slow stroll to start. Once you get used to being active, it will become a habit and the weight will come off. You must, as others here have said, eat more food, but healthy food - less fat, no fried or buttery/fat-filled foods. I'm sure there is tons of info on this site, as well as recipes. This is something you can do!! Be careful of what you eat, eat for HEALTH, and this site is here for you!
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I know how overwhelming it is to change your eating habits...I'm struggling incredibly right now. First off, have you talked at all to your family about your desire to live a healthier lifestyle? I always find that it helps to have a support system at home. Don't get me wrong, this site helps alot, but there is no substitute for having support right there in your own home. Second of all, getting advice from people here about what works for them helps alot...however, I highly recommend doing research...figure out what you think will work for you, and what can be fine tuned to your needs, as you put it. No one here knows exactly what you need. Those answers you need to find on your own. As for the exercise bit, do you have a dog? I also find that it helps to have a friend you can exercise with. If you don't like exercising in your neighborhood, then exercise in your own house. Get DVD's, use the eliptical, get hand weights, and exercise balls. There are alot of things you can get/do in the comfort of your own home. And once the weight starts coming off, maybe it won't be so difficult to go out in the neighborhood to exercise. Hope this helps a bit...good luck
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Oh hun, you are still developing!

PLEASE make health your first priority. The weight will come off if you focus on nourishing your body with the right things in the right amounts. A can of mushrooms a day is not going to cut it. You'll just make yourself crazy!!!

What kinds of foods do you like? What's your schedule like? What do you dislike about exercise, what do you like?

There are so many people here who have been successful and so many resources! There is NO reason to make yourself miserable. You can do this, the right way, NOW --- and prevent a lifelong struggle for yourself.
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Celeste, I really hope you don't resort to a drastic method to lose weight. It's not worth it!

You've given yourself two years to lose the weight which is plenty of time to get down quite a bit and lose it in a safe manner. You're right though, younger people can generally lose faster than adults (I'm 24 and when I was 23 I lost most of my weight at a healthy almost 2lb per week pace) so age is on your side. Be aware though that a "fast" pace is 2lbs per week! Most people do not lose 10+lbs per week like they do on TV. Even then, 2lbs per week is over 100lbs a year! It adds up!

My suggestions are: 1) find out what exercise is fun and appeals to you (if you don't like the elliptical, don't do it!). It doesn't matter if it's just walking or if you have a video game that gets you moving. Make sure you LIKE it and do it regularly. 2) What are your eating habits like on a normal day? Write down everything you eat and see how much you're consuming, and 3) Stick around here for support. Everyone here is very helpful

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Hey Celeste! I totally understand the dislike of working out in my neighborhood. Someone on here recommended Walk Away The Pounds to me. I bought one of the DVDs through Amazon (I have the Ultimate Collection one, and it has 1 mile through 4 miles on it) and I've liked it--the instructor is perky...so I mute her and play some dance-y music! I also have enjoyed Zumba Fitness for the Wii
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Walk Away the Pounds is great! You can actually rent some of them online in weeklong increments for $1.99, so if buying a DVD is too much of a commitment, or too expensive, give that a try. You'll just need some space and your computer screen and you'll be good to go. Don't be fooled by the title, they can be challenging. Also, do you have Netflix? They have workout Vids streaming on there too, though I found most too challenging for where I am right now. My personal workout fave right now is The Biggest Loser Calorie Knockout or whatever it's called. It's just as intense an you make it, and it really helps strengthen the core.
But, IT WON'T MATTER what you do if you don't feed your body right! You have been giving your body prob about 3,000 calories a day, knocking it down to 600 just isn't going to work. You'll gain weight because your body will hibk it's being starved. You can probably lose weight eating exactly what you have been eating, (before your "diet"), just eat less of it. Or if you've been eating junk, just talk to your family about help making healthy decisions. You're going to crash diet yourself into a spiral of defeat and depression sticking to your water, gum, and mushroom plan! Girlfriend you need to eat, and not feel guilty about it either!
Hugs and Encouragement! You're so young that it should be easy for you once you get into the groove of things! Do it right so in 15 years you aren't like me. It's not so easy now
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