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Talking Medifast - Start of Week #5

So this Medifast diet is working effortlessly. I've lost 12 pounds in 4 weeks - an average of 3lbs a week. I'm not even hungry and actually look forward to small treats like sugar free jello with a tablespoon of sugar free cool whip (yum)!

Last night we took the kids out to "Chex Shea", a ridiculously fancy, over priced, upscale french resteraunt. Since I don't like french cuisine I did very well staying OP. I tried one snail, a bite of kobe beef tartar, and one extremely small bite of duck liver (gag me with a spoon) and two spoons of pineapple/basil sorbet (that was good but didn't want to go overboard).

Yesterday was the start of month #2. I can tell this is going to go by very fast. In the past I always gets so mad because I'll start a life style change, abandon it within a week or two and then the months will fly by and I'll still be fat. I don't see that happening this time around. Something has changed in me. I actually don't want to eat unhealthy foods - I'm having so much fun coming up with low fat, low carb, low calorie meals that taste good - it's like a new hobby or something and I find it so rewarding.

The only thing I sometimes crave is a glass of wine, but I figure that I can incorporate that back into my life once I've reached goal or close to goal. I don't need it but do enjoy the occassional glass or 2 of vino - ah well it's okay I can go without a few months, half a year, whatever it takes to get to a good healthy weight.

If I stick to plan for 6 months and lose 12 pounds each month I will reach goal in 5 more months. I CAN SO DO THIS! THIS IS A PIECE OF CAKE!!!!

Will check in again soon. Hope everybody is hanging in there.
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