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Default the good and the bad

the good

so i joined this ever so uplifting site last night, and at that time, i did not want to weigh myself... so i got up this morning, stepped on the scale, and decided that if i was going to really put my best foot forward, i better post my start, current, and goal weight on the WORLD WIDE WEB!!!

the bad

i'm just not ready to diet (i so hate that word). i want to lose weight for so many reasons, but right now i am going to start with exercise. i am going to post or maybe i will blog (always wanted to have my own blog) daily about what i did, and give myself just one week of walking, swimming, bicycling, and then its off the the grocery store for some healthy food choices.

wish me luck...
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Come on Spring!
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Lots of luck but rely on determination and skill. You will be ready when you ARE ready. In the meantime, perhaps you could get yourself a 3FC blog and start writing what you do and how you feel.
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Less than 15 now!!
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Welcome, welcome, welcome!

My readiness goes day by day. Sometimes a get a few in a row! Youre in the right place, stick around!
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Good luck!
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Welcome!! You know, you might just get to ready by posting and/or blogging!
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The good news: you don't have to wait for motivation! I was totally unmotivated when I started last fall. I've really only been inconsistently motivated ever since but have still managed to lose 30+ pounds. HALF an effort has garnered me a 30 lb. loss!

The point? Even small changes enable small progress. Weight lost slowly is still weight lost. Start with SOMETHING but don't expect perfection. Nothing will sabotage you quicker than trying to be 'perfect' at weight loss. Just settle for 'better than I was' and you'll start to see those successes pile up. THEN the motivation will hit.

Motivation is an emotion that comes and goes like any other. To start this journey when you AREN'T feeling all the motivated is great. Your long term success depends on being able to make good choices regardless of whether or not you feel motivated to do so. Consider the lack of motivation a perfect opportunity to start and prove to yourself that you can make a COMMITMENT and stick to it.
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You're in the right place!
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Maybe, at first, consider *adding* healthy foods to your diet rather than taking away comfort foods. Make sure you get veggies, without worrying about what else you eat, for example.

Congrats with the exercise. It will make you feel great (although sometimes the first week can be challenging!)
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Welcome and congrats on taking the first step
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