6 weeks until 36 bday goal

  • in 6 weeks I will be 36 year old..
    My goal is to lose 12 pounds.. It going to be hard..
    But Im going to give it my best shot!

    2 pounds a week!!!!
    READY SET GO!!!!

    I started speedwalking/jogging on the treadmill 1 mile or 30 minutes a day..
    and cut off soda and added lots of water!!!

    Cheer for me girls!
  • you can do it
    It'll be tough but totally worth it. 36 will have never felt better with 12lbs off your body. you can do it. Whenever I get in a rut, I just get on this website and read and reply for like an hour and it puts me back where I need to be.

    mini Goal by March 31st, 2009
  • FridayAngel-
    You can do it!!!! That's a great goal to have for yourself!
  • You can do it!! Good luck and if you need us, were here!!
  • Angel! You can do it!
  • Thank you! I am giving it my best.. I really enjoy running on the treadmill.
    and I have been drinking 8-12 glasses of water...
    Took out white bread. I am trying my best!

    Thanks for all the support, I will be around! for all the support i can get!
  • Good Luck!!!!!!
  • Thanks for all the well wishes!
    I am down 9 pounds!! so i have about 5 more weeks to reach my Birthday Goal. I have to lose another 6 pounds..
    I think i can! I think i can!!!
    Then I start my Vacation MIni Goal. which is another 10 lbs by June 26Th! so about 8 more weeks!

    Summer is coming. gets hot in the south! so i even eat less.. plus more skin showing.. I am more careful on whats being put in my mouth!

    Havea great week all!