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Default Those that go to the gym...

Was wondering when you go? In the morning? Afternoon? Evenings? I ask because I go in the morning, and wasn't sure if I should eat breakfast and then workout or wait until I get back to eat? Sometimes though we go late morning, so I would be a shaking hungry gal if I had to wait that long. As for now, I eat a small breakfast (cereal and/or yogurt) go to the gym and have my protein drink when I get back. What is it you all do... ~TIA
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I go to the gym straight from work. My company has flex time so I get out at 4-4:15pm, the gym is only a bout 20mins away. I usually have a protein bar about an hour before I plan to start working out, after my workout before I even leave the lockeroom, I'll then have my protein shake, then it's home to make a healthy dinner. Depending on whether or not I had carbs with lunch determin if I have them with dinner.
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I usually workout in the morning. I always eat 1/2 cup of egg whites, scrambeled w/ veggies and that ends up happening about an hour before my workout, but sometimes, it's less. Then, after my workout, when it's snack time anyway, I have a protein bar with my reward. That keeps me full for 3 hours and then I have my lunch around 1 or 2 pm. I don't think it's good to workout on an empty stomach. Also, when I wake up, I always make sure to drink my water because I think we get a bit dehydrated over the night.
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When I went in the morning, I ate a bowl of granola cereal or oatmeal. The complex carbs give you energy. Then when I got home, I had a piece of fruit and a yogurt. I usually had that for breakfast anyway so instead of eating it all at once, I just broke up the meal into two parts.

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I go in the evening and i have a cup of yogurt when i get home, because for some reason i am always hungry by the time my workout is over.
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Thanks for the tips! Very helpful.
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i find that if i don't workout in the morning...i never get to the gym due to my crazy work. I eat something light that has protien in yogart, and apple and peanut butter. I have to have at least something light to be able to workout
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Hey there...when I was heavy-duty working out (which was solid up until a month ago!!) I would have coffee to wake up, then work out for about an hour, then eat a high protein breakfast after. Worked well for me. If I didn't work out before the kids got up, I didn't get it done. Now that we're getting closer to back to schoo, I'm getting back into the getting up early/working out thing.
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I *just* started going back to the gym, and am having similar difficulties. In the end, I've decided (for now LOL) that I'm just not a morning person. I don't like to eat breakfast, but am starving if I go without. I've been having a meal replacement shake (slim-fast, etc) while I get dressed for the gym, and a piece of fruit on the drive home. That seems to be working, for now LOL.
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I find that going in the morning, while my kids are at summer camp, is the best time for me. i also recently discovered that eating something small (like a granola bar) actually works a little better for me than a meal. i feel less weighed down, but not hungry.

i think that my gym time may shift during the school year; grad school for me is going to be very hectic. i may just need to take the time when i can get it.
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