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I don't know what eating plan you are on! Perhaps your plan isn't as flexible as you need it to be? Just throwing that out there, cause there ARE plans out there that allow you to work in occasions and treats without damage. And it seems to me that restrictive plans lead to the "failure" thought process -- you know "I've blown this week because I've eaten X, Y, Z which isn't on my plan". Which is a diet mentality, not a lifestyle mentality...because when you are trying to maintain, you gotta be able to work these events into your life without feeling like you've failed or blown it somehow.

I might be tempted to reevaluate my plan with respect to my lifestyle and sustainability so that I don't have to judge my "performance" so to speak...but again, I have no idea what plan you are following, so take the idea for what you think it is worth

Just a thought...


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