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Not to be contrary or to add to your confusion...

1. Get on the scales this morning. It will be hideous, not with food but with the associated water, but this names the devil you have to tackle. You will have the pleasure of seeing the numbers go down quickly as you get back to your normal eating pattern. You will also leave yourself no mental wiggle room: what I mean is this ~ I had my first binge in 180 days last week - but it was as 3 day binge! I got on the scale at the end, found I'd gained 8lbs in 8 days eww but have very quickly lost 6.5 of those (maybe more, weighing in about an hour). If I'd not got on the scales through the understandable fear of what they might show, I wouldn't have tried so hard to get back on track, because, in my head, the numbers 'wouldn't have been that bad really."

2. IMHO a weekly planned binge is a mistake. It's too easy to get to the place where you 'deserve' this binge day, and for the binge to become a BINGE. For me (and with all possible respect to those who suffer from alcoholism) it'd be like having Just One More Drink, and would tip me over into over-indulgence. We don't get time off for good behaviour when it comes to weightloss, not if we're taking it seriouly.

3. Don't be tempted to hyper cut down in the next few days to 'make up' for the binge. It's been said before, you can't UN-eat what's eaten, and being too draconian just increases the sense of punishment and therefore guilt; plus it can just lead to yet another binge.

It's dull but slow and steady wins the race - and you Will do it!

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