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My theory on why we get so dysfunctional about food:
(a) Physical: We are hardwired to like sweets and fats, and food companies spend billions of dollars to fine-tune products to maximally exploit this. We even can get a kind of endorphin rush from eating fats/sweets, so there can be a physical addiction-like effect, so we crave them and only want more and more.
(b) Psychological: Comfort foods feel good. We associate them with happy times, celebrations, and "treats". We don't celebrate with birthday broccoli or a special anniversary salad!

So .. it feels good physically and emotionally. Everyone wants to feel good! Ultimately we have to change our wiring ... I seek the same endorphin rush through physical activity (it works for me!). And I'm trying hard to disassociate happy times from food. That's hard, because it's completely counter to the culture that surrounds us.

Anyway, that's my take ...
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